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This was based on qualitative research and a phenomenological approach with a narrative history of a life episode design, in which, through a sampling purposeful selected to work with a single participant, to whom a semi-structured interview was applied, obtaining information that was transcribed and categorized, with content analysis and data triangulation. Consequently, this is how discouraging experiences were evidenced where the protagonists were ignorance and fear, highlighting the importance of the intervention of the nursing professional in women who want to get pregnant, after a history of fetal deaths.</p> Cristina Núñez, Eulalia Analuisa Copyright (c) 2022 Cristina Núñez, Eulalia Analuisa https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/deed.es https://minerva.autanabooks.com/index.php/Minerva/article/view/68 Sun, 27 Nov 2022 18:58:45 +0000 Symbolic games in the development of executive functions in 5-year-old children https://minerva.autanabooks.com/index.php/Minerva/article/view/69 <p>The following investigation is a systematic review whose objective is to analyze the symbolic game and its contribution to the development of executive functions. A bibliographic search was carried out in Dialnet, Scopus, Scielo, Doaj, and ERIC databases; specific inclusion and exclusion criteria were established following the recommendations of the PRISMA standard. 298 articles were extracted and 12 articles were selected for it is revision. The results indicate that the selected investigations demonstrate the importance of symbolic games in the preschool stage, predominating at the age of 5 years the symbolic game of representation of social roles. It is determined that the appropriate and conscious application of the methodology of the game corresponding to the stage of development of the infant promotes a significant evolution in the development of executive functions such as inhibitory control, working memory, and cognitive flexibility.</p> Cristina Lorena Tumipamba Andrade, Emerson Roberto Yepez Herrera, Monica Silvana Escobar Rojas, Gisela Catalina Copyright (c) 2022 Cristina Lorena Tumipamba Andrade, Emerson Roberto Yepez Herrera, Monica Silvana Escobar Rojas, Gisela Catalina https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/deed.es https://minerva.autanabooks.com/index.php/Minerva/article/view/69 Sun, 27 Nov 2022 21:38:24 +0000 Local development from the perspective of community leadership https://minerva.autanabooks.com/index.php/Minerva/article/view/70 <p>This research work submits an analysis of community leadership, in order to know the social perspectives that can arise in organized communities. In this sense, the work was based on qualitative Postpositivism, of an ethnographic type, using the in-depth interview as a technique. The results reveal that local development is subject to the actions of the leaders who participate in the communities and that these actors represent indispensable figures for the growth and improvement of the communities. The leader encourages integration, and motivation and leads to decision-making in favor of the common good. Finally, the conclusions focus on the promotion of leaders with social commitment, who promote local development and who continue the work of those who currently direct and guide social groups for the good of the communities.</p> Alba Adelina Vera Vera, Sandra Auxiliadora Romero Chavez Copyright (c) 2022 Alba Adelina Vera Vera, Sandra Auxiliadora Romero Chavez https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/deed.es https://minerva.autanabooks.com/index.php/Minerva/article/view/70 Sun, 27 Nov 2022 00:00:00 +0000 Situational diagnosis of cases of gender-based violence https://minerva.autanabooks.com/index.php/Minerva/article/view/71 <p>The present investigation had the intention of detecting cases of gender violence, which is known as physical, sexual, psychological, or social damage against a person. In various kinds of literature, it is referred to as any act of violence that causes damage to the health status of women. The prevalence of gender-based violence worldwide is high, affecting millions of women, which is why it is currently considered one of the main public health problems. For this study, the Woman Abuse Screening Tool (WAST) questionnaire was carried out, which allows the detection of gender-based violence against women in the domestic environment. The main results show that 99 women out of the 223 surveyed have suffered from some type of abuse. violence, where<br>psychological and economic violence is the most frequent.</p> Jessica Lucia Chimborazo Chimborazo, Willian Eudrillir Moyano Calero Copyright (c) 2022 Jessica Lucia Chimborazo Chimborazo, Willian Eudrillir Moyano Calero https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/deed.es https://minerva.autanabooks.com/index.php/Minerva/article/view/71 Mon, 28 Nov 2022 00:05:56 +0000 Corporate branding and its impact on financial services institutionsv https://minerva.autanabooks.com/index.php/Minerva/article/view/72 <p>Corporate branding represents the way in which users visualize a company, therefore, it is extremely important that institutions, organizations, and companies in general, evaluate corporate branding with some regularity and in this way be able to define the weaknesses that their brand may have. and make the necessary corrections. In this work, an analysis of corporate branding in financial institutions of the cooperative type has been carried out. For this, several cooperatives were evaluated in order to know the perception that the partners have in relation to the image of the entity. The main<br>results show that corporate branding has a significant impact on the image of financial institutions and that to improve this business vision it is necessary to invest in advertising design, logos, customer service, and other factors that will contribute to the corporate image. be the most suitable for attracting and retaining customers.</p> Pedro Enoc Cassy Masaquiza, Geovanny Fabricio Rios Lara, Diego Esteban Sanchez Copyright (c) 2022 Pedro Enoc Cassy Masaquiza, Geovanny Fabricio Rios Lara, Diego Esteban Sanchez https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/deed.es https://minerva.autanabooks.com/index.php/Minerva/article/view/72 Mon, 28 Nov 2022 16:24:49 +0000 The intervention of the Social Worker and school dropout in times of pandemic in the "Gabriela Mero Quijije" Educational Unit, El Junco community, Tosagua Canton https://minerva.autanabooks.com/index.php/Minerva/article/view/73 <p>School dropout in Latin America represents an important social problem, in addition to the specific characteristics of the educational system, where it has been seen that there is a persistent community problem. Unlike other countries where school dropouts are reduced every year, in Latin American countries this situation is increasing more and more. In this sense, this study proposes an analysis of the variables associated with school dropout, taking into account the participation of the social worker, and some observations in specific places are considered to know the possible realities associated with the problem. Finally, the results are somewhat discouraging, but they reflect a social reality in Latin America that can be approached from different sectors and social actors, in addition to highlighting the relevance of the social worker in the subject of study.</p> Francisco Asana Sanchez, Fabian Menendez Menendez Copyright (c) 2022 Francisco Asana Sanchez, Fabian Menendez Menendez https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/deed.es https://minerva.autanabooks.com/index.php/Minerva/article/view/73 Mon, 28 Nov 2022 16:51:04 +0000 Chapter 1: Integration of functions by the substitution method https://minerva.autanabooks.com/index.php/Minerva/article/view/74 <p>The present work consists of a solution of exercises proposed in the book Differential and Integral Calculus, Seventh Edition, McGraw Hill, corresponding to indefinite integrals applying the Method of Substitution and Change of Variable. So that the students of sciences and engineering can have an additional document that allows them to speed up the learning process corresponding to the resolution of this integral type where the most significant contribution to the demonstration of the obtained results is through the inverse process called Derivation. To develop skills in the students, such as empowerment of the need to verify a result in a mathematical operation, as well as to consolidate the existing links between Integral and Differential Calculus as inverse operations.</p> Juan Segura, Gerardo Arteaga, Hernan Espejo-Vinan, Christian Pazmino, Kevin Zurita, Edison Zambrano Copyright (c) 2022 Juan Segura, Gerardo Arteaga, Hernan Espejo-Vinan, Christian Pazmino, Kevin Zurita, Edison Zambrano https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/deed.es https://minerva.autanabooks.com/index.php/Minerva/article/view/74 Tue, 29 Nov 2022 16:42:15 +0000