Hybrid systems in electrical distribution design with genetic algorithm
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Electrical distribution
Hybrid systems
Genetic algorithms

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Nunez, A. (2020). Hybrid systems in electrical distribution design with genetic algorithm. Minerva, 1(1), 32-42. https://doi.org/10.47460/minerva.v1i1.4


The incorporation of hybrid systems based on renewable sources for the optimization of electricity distribution systems and planning of power supply strategies using genetic algorithms (GA) is studied. A series of characteristics of electrical sub-stations were chosen and through simulations, data were obtained for the optimization of the existing infrastructure, which provides reliability, security, economic supply, and quality of service. An algorithm was obtained with the optimal configuration of various components: photovoltaic panels, batteries, AC generator, fuel cell, and inverter, which in the case of mono-objective
optimization minimized total system costs throughout its useful life. The most appropriate control strategy or combination of control variables was obtained to minimize costs.

Keywords: Electrical distribution, Hybrid systems, Genetic algorithms.



PDF (Español (España))
HTML (Español (España))


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