Plagiarism detection


Authors who wish to publish in Minerva Revista Multidisciplinaria de Investigación Científica, must comply with the ethical standards of research and must cite the data sources used, figures and all information explicitly and clearly. The Plagiarism Checker software will be used to check for originality, plagiarism and duplication.


1. If a manuscript has already been published in another publisher originally

In the case of manuscripts already published,  will immediately remove from the platform those articles that have been originally published in other journals, or that present plagiarism complaints or that the editorial body identifies with said condition. The authors will be informed about this procedure without the right to reply on the part of the authors.

2. On the extent of ethically permitted copied material

Only 10% of copied material will be allowed, after reviewing the plagiarism report issued by the software and with the exceptions that are warranted.

3. On the decisions made when determining plagiarism in a manuscript

If the plagiarism of the manuscript is evidenced beyond what is allowed, the work will be withdrawn immediately and in the event that it has not been published it will be rejected immediately without the right to its publication with revisions.

4. About the procedure for informing the authors

In the case of detecting plagiarism in the works, the authors will be informed immediately, taking into account the necessary reservations and discretions of the case. A letter will be issued explaining the reasons that justify the rejection and non-publication of the work and the aspects related to plagiarism will be included.

5. On the right to reply and legal instances

If you do not have good receptivity to the treatment of plagiarism given by the academic and editorial committee of the journal, the legal review of the documents involved will be carried out before the competent authorities, according to the Penal Code of Ecuador, Article 188.