Financial marketing as a tool for customer loyalty in national banking


Financial Marketing
National Banking

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Vasquez, M., & Naranjo, E. (2021). Financial marketing as a tool for customer loyalty in national banking. Minerva, 2(6), 43-49.


This research studies financial marketing as a tool for customer loyalty in national banking, conducting a bibliographic review that reveals the importance of these elements, since its main purpose is to propose strategies that allow not only the positioning of the brands but to attract customers to offer the multiple services that a bank can offer. The results support the facts and allowed the verification of the hypothesis, highlighting that financial marketing is known and applied by most banking institutions and that this marketing is centralized to launch general strategies applicable throughout the Ecuadorian territory, loyalty is managed by the same departments as they go hand in hand with customer service, services offered, benefits, among other motivations.

Keywords: Marketing, Financial Marketing, Loyalty, Clients, National Banking.


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