The Role of object-oriented Programming in sustainable and Scalable Software Development



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Vera Vera, J. B., & Vera Vera, J. R. (2024). The Role of object-oriented Programming in sustainable and Scalable Software Development. Minerva, 5(13), 59-68.


This study empirically evaluates how various practices and principles of object-oriented programming (OOP) impact the sustainability and scalability of software projects. A detailed analysis of real-world projects is carried out, considering aspects such as encapsulation, code reuse, modularity, and the application of inheritance and polymorphism. The goal was to identify patterns and best practices contributing to efficient and adaptable software development. The main results highlight that the adoption of OOP practices, such as encapsulation, code reuse, modularity, inheritance, and polymorphism, can be essential for efficient and adaptable software development over time, effectively addressing scalability and sustainability challenges in real-world projects.


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